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State of the art Robotics and the perfect finish.

Mettal UK LTD  have recently installed a state of the art powder coating facility, which ensures our clients expectations are met, both in respect of programme and quality, in house. Resulting in value engineered costs first time, every time.

P.P.C (Polyester Powder Coating) is a high quality and extremely durable finish that protects the substrate below, whilst achieving the desired colour and textured finish. Powder coated products are more resistant to damage from impact and will resist chipping, scratching and fading.

Minimise Environmental Impact

Our priority when establishing our powder coating facility was to create a process capable of minimising environmental impact on our planet.  Assisted by Wagner Spray Tech's design and installation, we are proud that  95% of unused powders are recycled, which has supported our achievement of ISO 14001 in environmental management, retaining our attention on climate impact and maintaining the highest quality.

Colour Chart M Dot.png

The BIG facts

Automatic Powder Coat Size Capability
4m x 1.8m.

(no maximum for manual)

99 different functions to coat the most abstract shapes thoroughly.

Laser sensors that trigger powder gun ready time and track metal flow.

A consistent computer controlled temperature oven with a through put of 12 minutes from coat to final bake.

The very latest technical CO2 fire safety, protecting our staff and facility. 

Manual powder guns can be used pre and post robotic application for the finest of detailing.

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